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Nov 17

How to get your little ones to brush!

Having trouble convincing your little one to brush? Let us suggest a few tricks…

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you of their every day struggle to convince their child to brush. Perhaps because it is often linked to their least favoite routine: bedtime. And lets face it, in an average adult schedule, it is not easy to fight a somewhat stuborn toddler and we often copromise. However, chronic plaque on little one’s teeth can lead to the exact same problem as in adults: sore, bleeding gums, bad breath, cavities that might get so severe that a child mght need to have tooth taken out, which can leat to further promblems. I know what you are thinking, they are just baby teth and will be replaced by adult teeth, but child’s molars are not replaced until the age of 9 or older. They serve a very important function in jaw develpmen, proper position for permantn teeth to replace them, proper griding of food for optimal nutrition, and last but not least, child’s self confidence. So here are a few tricks to help make it easier on both you and your child.

1. Make it funKids love toplay games! Perhaps compete who can brush the longest or brush each other’s teeth and see who does a better job. Collect 7 stickers for each day of brushing twice, or set some fun goals, such as going to the park, zoo, museum, etc.

2. Talk in their languageKids don’t respond wll to ‘because I said so’, or ‘you have to do it just because’ well. Give the the reason they can understand. Tell the that mean sugar bugs live in every mouth and that it’s important to brush teeth becaue they like to snack on them. That’s how holes in teeth get created. Teeth get very sad and sick due to that and when they cry we feel pain. Or something along the lines. Children are very emotional and they love to please others.

3. Let them pick out their own toolsLet them be their own judge on tooth paste flavor, floss, type of toothbrush, and or rinse. Let them switch the flavors every time you purchase a new one. Little things get them excited. One great investement is in an electric toothbrush. Little hands don’t have a well defined dexerity to brush well, and electric toothbrush will do the trick. Besides, it also pays music!

4. Be an exampleThis is probably the most important of all. You are your child’s super hero, a role model. You do’t have to wait until your bedtime to brush, but rather spend that time brushing together. Children respond so much better to what we do rather than what we say, and it might become a fun ritual that both of you will cherish forever.

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