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Root Canal

What is it and when is it needed?

A root canal is a very common procedure done at a dental office. It is usually needed when there is decay in the tooth that has either reached the nerve or close to it. Additionally, it is needed when there is an infection around the roots of a tooth. Sometimes the patient is in pain and sometimes not. Patients often get surprised if a dentist informs them that they need a root canal. That’s usually the case when there is no pain. It’s important to understand that the infection or decay needs to be treated even if it’s not painful. If left untreated, the tooth can become non-restorable in which case, there is no other option but to extract the tooth.

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What Is A Root Canal And When Is It Needed

In this video, Dr. Lyuda explains what a root canal is and when is it necessary to be performed. It is important to understand that after a root canal the tooth may be brittle and compromised and prone to fracture. As a result, it is important to crown the tooth following a root canal procedure.

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Root Canal Simulation

In this simulation, you will see why a root canal may be needed on a tooth. It shows a deep cavity that is invading the root where the nerves live. Through this simulation, you will get a good understanding of the process of the root canal and what state the tooth is in following the root canal.

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Root Canal Plus Crown Testimonial

Robert our patient underwent a Root Canal procedure followed by crowning the tooth. Here he explains his experience at our office!

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