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OR $19/month




OR $29/month

Perio Plan**



OR $39/month

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Dental Savings Plan!

No insurance, no problem! With the Savings Plan brought to you by Smile Advantage, you can get the care you need at even more affordable prices. Our goal is to make it affordable for everyone to be able to visit the dentist twice a year for preventative care. You get that and many more advantages with our savings plan. Please use the ‘Sign up’ button and sign up securely. Once you have signed up, please schedule an appointment by selecting the ‘Schedule Appointment’ button on the left. Thanks and look forward to seeing you soon!” then below that, let’s show the 3 circles for the 3 different plans and their prices..and on the right, let’s have..

Our plan is designed to provide greater access to quality dental care at an affordable price.

  1. No yearly maximums
  2. No deductibles
  3. No claim forms
  4. No frequencies
  5. No pre-authorization requirements
  6. No pre-existing condition limitations
  7. No one will be denied coverage
  8. No waiting periods (immediate eligibility)

The Smile Advantage Plan Includes:

  • Up to 2 Exams & Routine Cleanings
  • Perio Plan – Up to 4 Perio Maintenance Cleanings & 2 Exams
  • Necessary X-rays(Full Mouth 1x/3yrs, Bitewings1x/1yr, additionalas needed)
  • Intraoral images as needed
  • 2 Emergency Care Visits: Exams and Necessary X-rays
  • VELscope® Oral Cancer Screening
  • Up to 2 Fluoride Treatments When Indicated
  • 15% Discount on All Other Dental Treatment except Invisalign/Clear Aligners
  • $500 off Invisalign/Clear Aligners

Program Exclusions & Limitations

This is a savings plan, not dental insurance. It cannot be combined with any other insurance. It is only valid at this dental office;care from other providers and specialists is not included. Plan fees are subject to change. For complete details, see Plan Agreement or Plan Terms and Conditions.

† Children 12 and younger

** For patients needing periodontal treatment, a periodontal plan will be required”

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