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Kids at a dentist
Jul 18

Why you should take your toddler to a dentist early

Taking your toddler to the dentist

There are many reasons to take your toddler to a dentist early. We see kids starting at 18 months onwards. Even though often the visit is only for a checkup, there are still a lot of advantages to take your little one to the dentist. During your visit with your toddler, our goal is:

  1. Provide exposure to dental instruments. Familiarity relieves the fear of coming regularly. Seeing the friendly faces of the dentist, hygienist, and dental assistants go a long way in making kids feel relaxed through their childhood when they visit the dentist. The visit also acquaints them with dental instruments so they are not anxious as they grow up.
  2. Check for early cavities, proper tooth eruption, timing, and location in the mouth.
  3. Look for possible tongue ties that could potentially affect speech. Check for the frenulum position which could signal a gap between future permanent teeth.
  4. Inspect teeth alignment and get tricks and tips to remove habits that cause dental problems such as pacifier use and thumb sucking.
  5. Go over proper techniques on how to brush your child’s teeth and floss when indicated as well as go over dietary habits.

We see a lot of kids and all of our staff has toddlers of their own including myself who has a two and a half year old daughter. You will be surprised at how good kids do with dentists who have been going since they were toddlers. See you and your little one soon!

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