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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure used to essentially reduce or remove any stains as well as making the teeth whiter in appearance making them look healthier and more aesthetic. It is a simple procedure that makes a big difference in anyone’s smile and confidence. At VIP Dental Lounge, after reviewing many different professional whitening products, we chose the Kor Deep Bleaching system for best results. Teeth whitening can be either done at home or in our office or a combination of both depending on your personal preference as well as the level of whitening desired. In the videos below, Dr. Lyuda goes through why we chose Kor as our preferred whitening program, what to do in case of sensitive teeth, and case studies of some patients that went through our whitening program!

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Teeth Whitening Introduction

Teeth whitening is a procedure that gives near immediate results. It is one of the quickest and non-invasive ways to improve someone’s smile. As a result, at VIP Dental Lounge, we wanted to make sure that we are offering nothing but the best in teeth whitening which is what led us to offering the Kor Deep Bleaching system.

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Reasons for selecting Kor Deep Bleaching system

In this video, Dr. Lyuda explains why she chose the Kor Deep Bleaching system as the whitening program of choice at VIP Dental Lounge.

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Teeth Whitening Case Studies

Dr. Lyuda goes through 3 different patients who underwent either at home whitening, in-office whitening, or both and goes through the results with before and after pictures.

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Teeth Whitening Sensitivity Dos and Donts

The number 1 concern patients have about teeth whitening is sensitivity and it is a very valid concern. Majority of patients will feel some sensitivity during the whitening procedure as well as after it. Dr. Lyuda explains what we can do to help if your teeth are sensitive!

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