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Nov 17

What’s new in 2018 at VIP Dental Lounge

Hello VIPs! The new year starts with a LOT of new developments at VIP Dental Lounge. I’m super excited to tell you all about them so here goes!!

  1. We welcome Dr. Sal Nares as our Periodontist. Dr. Nares is an extremely accomplished periodontist who heads Periodontics at University of Illinois at Chicago. Some of you have already met him and we are very fortunate to have him join our team. He is author of 26 scientific articles and 28 abstracts in peer-reviewed journals, Dr. Nares also has been an invited moderator of the Astra Tech World Congress and session chair for the Astra Tech Platform for Exchange of Education and Research Symposium. His accomplishments are too much to share here but you can learn all about Dr. Nares at
  2. Dental Savings Plan: A big reason why a lot of people do not visit a dentist regularly is cost. Did you know 47% of the US population does not have any dental insurance? Without dental insurance, dental treatment can get expensive. As a result, we’re here to announce our new Dental Savings Plan for patients without dental insurance. For details of the savings plan, please visit We’ve made it very affordable to get all the preventative care you need as well as big discounts on all other dental work including Invisalign and Teeth whitening!
  3. New Technology: Technology is our big differentiator. We have invested in 2 major pieces of technology that will help us deliver better care more efficiently. We just purchased a Trios Color Intraoral scanner so replace the gooey impressions that we all hate. Impressions no more. If we are looking to do a crown or say start treatment to straighten teeth, we simply take a very quick scan of your mouth and you are done! We also purchased a CBCT also known as a ConeBeam + Pano. A cone beam creates a 3 dimensional high resolution scan of the area we are looking to investigate. For example, for the best placement for a dental implant, we don’t have to rely on guesswork of bone depth. Instead we do a 3D scan to ensure that there’s adequate bone to support a dental implant
  4. Expansion: And last but not the least, we are EXPANDING! We are currently undergoing construction that is slated to complete by the first week of March. What you will see after construction is complete is a larger reception area including a dedicated children’s area, 2 more dental operatories, and a new photo studio where we can capture your improving smile every step of the way

Here’s to a stellar 2018 both professionally and personally to all of you. Cheers!

-Dr. Lyuda

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